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Construction workers' accidents: Roof collapses on 6 men

Renovations of older homes and buildings occur on a daily basis in Illinois. With the increased work and labor demand, construction workers' accidents are likely to increase. Recently, some workers in another state became trapped in a house under construction, but they survived.

Approximately six workers were working on a home renovation when the accident occurred. The home is considered a row home, which is similar to a town home, sharing walls with homes on each side. Reportedly, the home was documented to be in disrepair as late as 2009.

Workers' compensation: Woman loses arm at job

Fortunately, industrial accidents in Illinois are not as common as they initially were in the height of the industrial revolution. Workers' rights, work place conditions and safety measures have improved and reduced the frequency of on-the-job accidents. Unfortunately, serious accidents do occur, and when they do workers are entitled to file workers' compensation insurance claims to assist with the medical expenses and loss of income. One worker in another state is likely filing for workers' comp benefits after losing her arm in work accident.

Emergency personal were called to a food processing plant in another state after a worker's arm was severed. It is unknown how the accident occurred at this time, but the Occupation Safety and Health Administration is likely conducting an investigation to understand the events preceding the amputation. Reportedly, the woman's arm was completely severed above her elbow.

What's the most common worker injury?

The most common workplace injury, according to some studies, is not one that pops into mind -- overexertion.

Overexertion is usually the result of a worker doing the right thing - working really hard. Except, when you hurt yourself working too hard, it's bad for everyone.

Personal injury: 3 trucks crash resulting in tragedy

Any accident involving serious injuries or multiple motor vehicles can be complicated and difficult for victims to process how, where and against whom they should file their claims. After reviewing the details of an accident, some personal injury attorneys may advise victims of some crashes to file personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits to pursue recovery of monetary damages for medical expenses and other monetary damages. Recently, in Illinois, one such complex accident occurred when three tractor-trailer trucks collided, resulting in serious injuries for all three drivers.

The first driver was a 50-year-old woman from Joliet whose double trailer truck broke down while driving east on Interstate 80. She was able to pull it over to the shoulder as she waited for help. That help arrived in the form of a 49-year-old La Grange man, who pulled his vehicle up behind her on the shoulder. As he did so, a third tractor-trailer apparently swerved and hit the other two tractor-trailers as well as the trucker who had exited her truck as help arrived.

Workers' compensation benefits available for all injury types

Although it is a well-known fact that certain industries such as construction and manufacturing pose high risks of workplace injuries in Illinois, the dangers of suffering harm are present in all industries and professions. Millions of workers' compensation claims for injuries in other occupations are filed nationwide every year. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some injuries occur more frequently than others.

Overexertion can cause non-impact injuries in duties such as pushing, pulling, turning and lifting. Typical injuries in this category are strains, sprains and tears of muscles and ligaments. Slip-and-fall accidents are also the cause of many injuries, particularly when housekeeping is neglected. Slipping on wet and slippery floors or walkways, or tripping on out-of-place objects can cause anything from scraped shins and bruises to traumatic brain injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed on pipeline worksite

Construction sites in Illinois and around the world have always involved numerous workers and large pieces of equipment to complete the jobs. With the combination of workers and large equipment, construction workers' accidents are bound to happen. Fortunately, when accidents do occur, workers are eligible for compensation through employer-provided insurance. One family in a nearby state may be applying for insurance benefits after tragically losing their loved one in a work accident.

The 38-year-old man was on a gas pipeline construction site when the tragic accident occurred. His co-worker was using a large land grader to smooth and pack dirt near where he was working. The investigators believes he was squatting down when he was struck by the grader. Although he was not completely run over, he suffered fatal head injuries.

Could new safety technology read a driver's eyes?

The passing of Labor Day is an important time for automakers. Essentially, the newest models grace showrooms and later models are phased out. Many 2018 models feature state-of-the –art crash avoidance systems, including lane integrity warning systems, proximity warning systems, and park assist systems.

These advancements are described as the first steps in what will eventually become autonomous (self-driving) cars. Another potential safety advancement has to do with technology that can read a driver’s eyes to determine if he or she is fatigued or distracted enough to be a danger to other drivers. The technology is currently being tested and developed by General Motors. 

Construction workers' accidents: Man injured while using bathroom

Despite safety procedures, policies and regulations, accidents on Illinois construction sites continue to occur. Accidents occur due to neglect of safety measures, bad luck, inadequate training and more. Unfortunately, construction workers' accidents can result in serious injury and even death. Recently, a young man suffered serious injuries on his new job while working on a large construction project.

The 28-year-old man was only on his second day of work at a large airport expansion project when the accident occurred. According to reports, the man was taking a restroom break in one of the site's portable bathrooms. While he was in it, a dump truck mistakenly backed up, hit to the portable bathroom and ran over the man in the process.


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