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Have You Been Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

After a motor vehicle accident, you may have sustained personal injuries in addition to property damage. If you have been injured in your accident, you will want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. When a doctor confirms that you have an injury, you will want to consult a lawyer to discuss your options for seeking compensation.

I am attorney David Hunt, and I have more than three decades of experience representing my clients in their personal injury or workers' compensation case. I provide my clients with personalized candid legal counsel. I will help you identify your options and find a beneficial solution.

Common Injuries Sustained In A Motor Vehicle Accident

The most common motor vehicle accident injuries are neck, back and brain injuries. These three types of injuries can result in whiplash, spinal cord damage, sprains and strains.

Motor vehicle accidents are those that involve other moving objects such as vehicles, pedestrians and road debris. These types of accidents also include stationary objects such as trees, poles and buildings. Your injury may have resulted from a collision with any of these objects.

Your motor vehicle accident injury may keep you from work for weeks or months. In addition, you may have to receive surgery or ongoing treatment for your personal injury. It is important for your case that you seek compensation as soon as possible.

You will want to begin building your case by collecting evidence against the at-fault party by taking photos of your injuries, making copies of your treatment plan, and reporting any additional pain or injuries to your doctor.

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