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How long do I have to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Being injured at work can be stressful. Navigating the workers’ compensation program in Illinois and dealing with insurance companies adds to an already unpleasant incident.

Some of these headaches can be eased, though not always eliminated, by filing a workers’ compensation claim properly and on time. You have the right to receive compensation, and with those rights come certain responsibilities.

Personal injury: 3-car crash results in injuries

Car accidents happen quickly and in an instant, and significant damage can occur. In addition to thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs or replacement, serious personal injury can occur. Medical expenses for injuries can cost victims thousands in treatment as well and can result in financial stress for many. A recent multi-car crash in Illinois resulted in injuries to those involved.

The accident occurred at an intersection near a middle school. According to initial reports, an older couple was attempting to make a left turn into the school when their car crashed into a 16-year-old girl's vehicle. As a result of the sudden stop, a 52-year-old female driver rear-ended the girl's car. 

Who is liable if a dog bites me?

Dogs are known as humankind’s best friend, but sometimes a pup doesn’t seem very friendly and lashes out. Dog bites can happen and result in serious injuries.

If you are bitten by a dog and incur injuries, you may be wondering how your medical bills will be paid. Who is liable?

Construction workers' accidents: Man falls from 9th floor

Illinois construction workers often find themselves on work sites and environments that are unstable, loud and dangerous. Despite safety regulations, training and required safety gear, construction workers' accidents continue to occur, often resulting in serious injuries and deaths. One family in another state is questioning if there were enough safety procedures and precautions on a work site in the aftermath of their son's death.

The 23-year-old worker was employed by a subcontractor that was installing rebar in a dormitory under construction. He was on the ninth floor of the building when he fell to his death. It is believed that he stepped on an unsecured piece of plywood near or in an elevator shaft that collapsed and resulted in his fall.

When is someone liable for a slip and fall injury due to ice?

As winter takes hold and snow and ice accumulate on the ground, there’s a heightened risk for slip and fall injuries. These accidents can not only be painful, but also quite costly should you find yourself besieged with medical bills.

While it’s important to take every possible precaution to keep your footing, if you do suffer from a slip and fall, the owner of the property where it took place may be liable. The laws on this matter can be complex, but if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are certain things to consider with regards to potential liability.

Construction workers' accidents: Worker killed by fallen pole

Despite safety measures, construction sites in Illinois and across the country are dangerous work environments. The amount of crew required, the large equipment and sometimes unstable locations as areas are developed can result in accidents. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the work site, construction workers' accidents can result in serious and fatal accidents. One worker in another state lost his life while working with a crew to install a light pole.

The 25-year-old worker was part of a crew that was installing new poles for lights at an intersection. Apparently, some of the lights had already been successfully installed, but a broken chain prevented the success of all pole installments. The crew was using the assistance of a crane to install the large 39-foot pole when a chain broke, and it crashed down on top of the victim.

Personal injury: 10-vehcile crash results in injury and death

Despite warnings and education about the dangers, people continually drive distracted. Typically people are distracted by their phones, but they can also have their attention diverted by passengers, food and other activities. Recently, 10 vehicles crashed on an Illinois roadway, and it is likely the result of a distracted semitruck driver. Serious personal injury and one fatality occurred.

The chain of accidents occurred in a construction zone on a recent morning. Allegedly, a 53-year old tractor-trailer driver became distracted when he looked down to pick up a drink. The momentary diversion resulted in a lack of slowing down to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of him. The impact of the semi and vehicle resulted in a chain reaction collision of eight other vehicles.

Personal injury: 4 injured in multi-vehicle crash

Car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence throughout Illinois. Many accidents are the result of negligent actions of a driver. Those who can walk away from a collision with no injuries are fortunate, but many suffer serious injuries that can impact a person's way of life temporarily or permanently. Unexpected medical bills quickly follow any unexpected injury. Four travelers recently suffered personal injury after a multi-vehicle collision.

Accident investigators have not determined and/or revealed the events that may have resulted in the three-car collision. Whatever the cause, one sedan began the chain reaction when it struck another sedan. Within the two sedans, there were three occupants who all suffered injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Many suffer serious head injury

Safety procedures, policies and equipment are a worker's best friend when on a job site. To remain in compliance with regulatory agencies, most employers must perform regular safety training sessions with employees. Despite increased safety awareness, serious construction workers' accidents still occur in Illinois. Ironically, one serious accident occurred minutes following a safety meeting on a job site.

An old building was being converted into a hotel, and crews were performing demolition to prepare it for construction. Apparently, the injured worker was part of an asbestos removal crew and was on scaffolding when the accident occurred. Although official accident investigation reports have not be completed or reported, the employer suspects that the accident may have occurred from a simple latch malfunction on a gate on the scaffolding. Whatever the reason for the accident, the worker fell approximately 15 feet and injured his head.

Construction workers' accidents: Injuries at large rail project

It is not unusual for large construction projects in Illinois to go over budget and beyond the predicted time frame they should take to complete. Weather, finances, the supply of materials and construction workers' accidents can all delay the completion of a project. A large project in another state has recently been delayed additional time as a result of several injured workers at one of the active work sites.

The injured workers were a few of the estimated 1500 employees that were all working at 17 different construction sites of the large high-speed rail project in another state. The injured workers were completing work around a large rebar tower that was being built to support a bridge for the rail to cross the river. The tower fell and injured five workers in the process.


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