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Are you familiar with Illinois workers' compensation benefits?

Illinois workers who suffer injuries at work need help and support during the recovery period. The right support might feel as if it's out of reach, and this may be because a victim of a workplace accident is not aware of his or her right to file for workers' compensation benefits. Although it is important for workers to familiarize themselves with the workers' comp system when they are healthy, it is not too late to do so after injury.

No matter the type of workplace injury, an injured worker can only receive the maximum benefits if he or she reports the injury to an employer within 45 days of its onset. The time limit for submitting a claim to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission is much longer. Victims have three years to actually file claims. However, filing sooner rather than later is useful for getting benefits during sooner rather than later.

Workers' compensation: Driver hits 2 roadside workers

Serious and even fatal accidents can occur in virtually all workplaces, from office settings to construction sites. Some work settings will inherently pose a greater risk to worker safety than others. For example, roadside construction sites are especially dangerous because they combine the inherent risks of construction work and nearby vehicles. Since this is a dangerous area to work in, those who do may want to make sure they fully understand workers' compensation benefits. Few people are aware that workers' comp can even provide temporary death benefits in the case of fatal accidents, such as a recent incident that took place on an Illinois road.

In Oct. 2019, multiple cones had been set up to block off one lane of a road. This was to separate landscaping crews from passing traffic. However, not everyone on the road paid attention to these safety measures. The driver behind the wheel of a minivan crashed into a sign and the cones, hitting two of the workers.

Most fatal pedestrian accidents happen at night

Driving a car is not the only way to get around. Walking and biking are also popular choices in Illinois, sometimes by choice and other times out of necessity. Unfortunately, the number of pedestrians who are dying in car accidents is on the rise. So, what is behind the increase in fatal pedestrian accidents?

Safety experts have several hypotheses about what is going on. Some think that there are more pedestrians today than in the past. Others think that pedestrians are traveling more at night, especially since the biggest increase in pedestrian deaths are those happening at night. Here are a few things to consider when looking at pedestrian safety.

Workers' compensation for injuries, deaths at Amazon

Illinois employers should prioritize worker safety, but many value productivity over protecting employees. Most workers do not have the ability to address insufficient safety standards, and many are not even aware of the risks they face in the workplace. Unsafe workplaces might be particularly prone to accidents that can injure people. Unfortunately, these accidents can also kill people. Workers' compensation can help in both of these situations.

An out-of-state man claimed that his brother died because of his employer's negligence. His 48-year-old brother was working at an Amazon warehouse when he reported to the facility's AmCare clinic. He reported that he was experiencing chest pain and headaches. The medical professional took his blood pressure but did not perform any further examinations. Instead the medical worker told the man that he was experiencing dehydration, provided him with two drinks and then told him to go back to work.

Workers' compensation: Construction worker pinned under forklift

A single missed paycheck may be all that it takes for a worker to lose control of his or her finances. Because of this, most people in Illinois are hard workers who take their jobs very seriously. Unfortunately, as all it takes single accident to cause a severe injury, it does not matter how attentive to safety a person is while at work. Workers' compensation benefits exist to help those who are hurt on the job.

A 51-year-old construction worker was working on renovations at the Museum of Science and Industry when he was involved in a terrifying accident. Another worker was using a forklift to move heavy equipment. The machine fell landed directly on the 51-year-old. He was pinned in a hole six-feet below the museum's basement.

Workers' compensation: Common construction site injuries

Working in the construction industry can be extremely fulfilling both financially and in regard to a long-term career. Many construction workers in Illinois truly enjoy their jobs. Unfortunately, these workers also understand the dangers of their chosen career field and that they may need workers' compensation in the future.

Some of the most common construction site accidents are obvious. For example, falls top the list of common accidents. Whether on scaffolds, roofs, ladders, cranes or more, construction workers frequently have to work at significant heights. Without the proper safety equipment, falls might ultimately be inevitable.

Do you know your rights to workers' compensation?

There is no time to waste if you were injured at work. You probably already know that you need to apply for workers' compensation benefits in a timely manner, but maybe you are not sure how to go about that process. If you have questions about the Illinois workers' compensation system, some of the following information may be helpful.

First and most importantly, you should seek medical care right away. Your health is extremely important so early medical intervention is best. When receiving care immediately after and in follow-up appointments, you should provide a thorough description of the event that caused your injury. Indicating that you are unsure how you were injured could make it harder to get workers' comp benefits.

What is an RSI and will workers' comp cover it?

Every day, you go about your job doing the same things. You can do your job with little effort as you have performed the same movements repeatedly for so long, and muscle memory seems to have taken over. Your body and mind know what they have to do, but lately, performing your normal movements and tasks at work have started causing you pain. You may think nothing of it, but you may have a repetitive stress injury, and workers' comp may cover it.

Many often refer to an RSI as an overuse injury. Anyone in Illinois, in any field of employment, can experience this type of injury. What should you do if you think you have an RSI?

Workers' compensation: Worker killed while trimming tree

Most people in Illinois do not expect to send their friend or loved one off to work and then never see them again. Sadly, some workplace accidents cause more than just serious injuries. Although losing a loved one who was involved in an accident at work can feel like a hopeless situation, an individual might qualify for survivors' benefits through workers' compensation.

A 62-year-old man was recently trimming a tree when he was involved in a fatal workplace accident. He was working in a tree-trimming bucket attached to a truck at the time. Unfortunately, the bucket apparently came into contact with a nearby electrical wire on a power line, and he was executed.

Workers' compensation: 19-year-old killed in workplace accident

While a workplace accident can take place anywhere, certain industries and work sites are more dangerous than others. Those who work in labor-intensive injuries often face serious safety risks that can threaten their health and well-being. This was perhaps the case for an Illinois man who was recently killed while working at railway site. Although workers' compensation is usually associated with victims who need financial support during their recoveries, families can also seek death benefits after losing loved ones.

Emergency responders were notified of the tragic accident occurred shortly before 9:30 a.m. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered a 19-year-old was trapped underneath a load of large, wooden panels that are typically used during construction. He had been unloading the panels from a railcar when the load suddenly fell on him.


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