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Construction workers' accidents: Man dies after fall from roof

Warmer weather is on the horizon, and construction work is expected to increase in Illinois due to more favorable conditions. With the increase of work, construction workers' accidents are also likely to increase. Sadly, one man in another state recently suffered a fatal fall while working with a roofing crew.

While climbing a ladder to ascend the roof where his company was completing work, the 38-year-old worker slipped and fell. He suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to a hospital. Despite treatment for six days, he did not survive his injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed on job

Despite the potential danger, some people are willing to take risks to complete a needed job. Understandably, some occupations in Illinois and across the country contain more risk for accidents than others. Construction workers' accidents are sometimes fatal due to the nature and environment of job sites, and sadly, one man in another state was a recent victim.

The 56-year-old victim was known for loving his work and striving to be his best. The man was employed by a company who was completing work on a large construction site. Some large piece of construction material fell on the man while he was in an excavator. The project was an ongoing multi-year and multi-billion dollar project.

Personal Injury: University of Illinois student killed in crash

Sadly, the human body is often no match for the impact of most motor vehicles. Unfortunately, tragic pedestrian accidents are not uncommon. Depending on the circumstances of each case, personal injury attorneys are able to assist some victims or family members of deceased victims obtain legal recourse. One family and the University of Illinois recently received tragic news about the death of one of its students following a hit-and-run accident.

Reportedly, the student was involved in a two-car accident in the southbound lanes of Interstate 57 at night.  The student was found some distance south of the original accident and had been killed. Authorities believe he was hit by a large vehicle and are searching for witnesses. One witness reported observing three different vehicles near the location of the student's body, but all three drove away once the witness pulled over on the side of the interstate.

What pinch point dangers could you face in the workplace?

If your job involves working with machines or working in an environment with lots of machines, you could face some unique safety risks. One class of workplace dangers that can arise in connection to machines are pinch points.

Personal injury: Family awarded $8 million 10 years after crash

There is an enormous amount of decisions to make and bills to pay following any motor-vehicle accident. Once accident-related bills begin to surface, many families become overwhelmed with the inability to cover them. Personal injury attorneys in Illinois are able to assist families through insurance claims and/or lawsuits in civil court. One family was recently awarded compensation for a second time due to misrepresentation in the prior settlement.

More than 10 years ago, a family was impacted by a motor vehicle accident on a roadway that was under construction. A passenger was killed and others were injured. Following the accident, the family filed a lawsuit against two companies involved in the road construction and settled for $1 million. The family recently refiled a lawsuit against the companies, claiming that the companies did not disclose all of the available insurance.

Data indicates construction workers' accidents are on the rise

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been fining companies for safety violations in order to send a message to employers and companies to ensure a safe work environment. As well as citations, OSHA has a Focus Four initiative that it has been instituted to train workers and employers about the importance of multiple safety procedures in order to help prevent fatal construction workers' accidents. As an example, an Illinois roofing company has recently been fined $280,000 due to a failure to institute some safety measures to prevent falls on multiple different jobs.

OSHA's Focus Four initiative focuses on the top-four dangers to workers in the construction industry. Falls, electrocution, struck-by accidents and caught-in or caught-between accidents are the most fatal accidents for construction workers. Data from the Center for Construction Research and Training, CPWR, has verified the importance of OSHA's initiative.

Family hires personal injury attorney for death of loved one

The cost of necessary medical treatment following a car accident can later cripple a family's finances and leave a family in an overwhelmed state of despair. When an injured victim dies as a result of injuries, funeral and burial expenses may compound financial stress already experienced. Some Illinois families in similar circumstances may choose to consult a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit in civil court to help recover lost finances. One family has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit following a family member's death in a multi-car accident.

The family member's loved one was injured in a multi-car collision. Reportedly, traffic had come to stop, but a vehicle at a high rate of speed crashed into multiple cars. Multiple people were injured, including the 35-year-old driver in the first collision. Although he was transferred to a medical facility, he died.

Accident in construction zone results in personal injury

Construction zones on Illinois roadways can be dangerous for workers and for motor vehicle drivers traveling through them. Many distractions exist on the road and within a vehicle that may result in a driver not taking extra caution in a busy construction zone. Recently, at least three people suffered personal injury after a multi-vehicle accident occurred on U.S. 20 near a construction work site in northwest Illinois.

Reportedly, traffic had come to a stop due to construction on the highway just prior to the crash. The 66-year-old tractor-trailer driver apparently did not slow his truck fast enough to avoid a collision. He crashed into an SUV, which set off a chain reaction of three other collisions with three other vehicles.

Construction workers' accidents: worker injured by driver

It is a popular time of the year for construction work to begin again on Illinois roadways as the weather improves and warms up. Some of the work is typically done to repair the roadway after the winter neglect. Sadly, any time road work is completed on an active highway, construction workers' accidents are possible and can be hazardous to the workers. Recently, a worker was seriously injured in the construction zone by a motor vehicle.

The worker and his crew were on the highway filling potholes when the accident occurred. At this time, authorities have not released details of the events proceeding the accident, as the investigation is pending. At some point, a vehicle veered into the construction zone and struck the worker and an Illinois Department of Transportation vehicle.

5 workers compensation facts every employee should know

Injuries on the job can dramatically inhibit the flow of finances you depend on each month. Thankfully, state workers compensation laws protect what you are entitled to. If you do not know these laws, you are vulnerable to unfair treatment after a work-related accident.

Employers and insurance companies are often less interested in your rights and giving the right amount of money owed. Don’t let this happen to you. Know the workers compensation laws to ensure a fair handling of injuries, medical bills, lost hours at work and more.


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