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Construction workers' accidents: Big rig hits worker's truck

With most schools on summer breaks, construction work on Illinois roadways is in high gear. Work must be completed on all roadways every year to ensure the safety and functionality for all motorists as they travel. Because most roads remain partially open to some traffic as work is being completed, there is an increased chance for construction workers' accidents. Workers that have been injured on-the-job may be interested in one accident that occurred to a construction crew in a nearby state.

While a construction crew was setting up a traffic guide rail and orange cones to direct traffic away from the active work, a tractor-trailer struck a parked Department of Transportation vehicle. The worker in the vehicle was injured and trapped inside the vehicle. The tractor-trailer driver was injured as well but is expected to survive. The accident investigation is pending.

Construction workers' accidents and third-party lawsuits

The employers of construction workers in Illinois may not always inform employees of all their rights. They might not realize that workers compensation benefits are not their only option for financial relief after construction workers' accidents. Even if injured victims file workers' comp claims, they might have grounds to also file civil lawsuits against third parties like manufacturers of defective equipment or negligent employees of other companies.

Although the findings of Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators will play a role in court, it will not determine the outcome of a civil claim. An employer might create the impression that an injured employee who was partially to blame for an injury would not be able to file a lawsuit; however, that might not be true. The viability of a suit will depend on whether the state follows the comparative or contributory negligence doctrine. With the variety of entities involved in construction projects, the number of potential defendants is endless.

Personal injury: Head-on crash in Illinois results in injuries

Illinois motorists have to be careful to ignore the distractions around them more than ever. Prior to the ability of drivers to have access to mobile phones, distractions in and around a vehicle were still an issue, but smartphones  undoubtedly add a dangerous distraction. A momentary glance at a text message, maps application or answering a phone call can result in serious property damage and/or personal injury. It is unclear what may have led to a recent serious accident, but accident reconstructionists will likely investigate whether a cell phone was in use just prior to the accident.

The recent accident occurred on a state route during the middle of the day. It is unknown what events led to the accident and who was involved. Reportedly, two vehicles struck each other head-on.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and other consequences of repetition

You found something you were good at and you stuck with it. That should pay off, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Jobs that require repetitive movement are prone to a wide variety of painful and expensive conditions, such as:

  • Tendonitis. Inflammation of a tendon, the fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone.
  • Bursitis. Inflammation of the bursa sac, whose purpose it is to protect the space between tendon and bone.

Personal injury: 3 injured in multi-vehicle wreck

Because school is out, it is good timing for construction on Illinois roadways to increase. Although traffic is often less than during the school year, traffic still must occur on roadways under construction. Careful non-distracted driving must occur in order to maintain the safety of all drivers and workers in a construction zone. It is easy to become distracted when traffic slows down, and this can result in serious personal injury and property damage. Unfortunately, three individuals discovered how much damage can occur after they suffered injuries in a recent multi-vehicle wreck.

As vehicles were approaching construction work, they all began to slow down as required and as needed due to other traffic ahead of them. Apparently, one 30-year-old male driver did not notice the slowing traffic and rear-ended a mini-van in front of him. The minivan then struck a tractor-truck.

Workers' compensation: Woman suffers fatal injuries on job site

Some accidents are beyond an individual's control. When an accident results in death, surviving family members are left scrambling to make burial plans, financing the burial and caring for minor children. When an accident occurs at work, some families may find some financial assistance through Illinois managed workers' compensation. Sadly, a woman's family in another state may be taking advantage of benefits after she suffered fatal injuries while at work.

The victim was a female plumber and worked for her local city government. While she and her colleagues were digging a trench to complete some work, a car struck her, resulting in serious fatal injuries. A nearby tow truck driver had been loading a vehicle onto the flatbed of his truck when the car became loose, rolled off and hit the woman.

Construction workers' accidents continue to increase

Despite safety gear and a safe job sites, work site fatalities continue to occur in Illinois and across the country. A recent construction accident in a nearby state has resulted in an expert raising an alarm about the number of construction workers' accidents that occur nationwide. The accident was related to a fall on the job site that resulted in two deaths and another injury.

A representative of the American Society of Safety Professionals is concerned about the number of construction accidents that result in fatalities. He says that that accidents and fatalities not only continue to occur, but they are increasing. Twenty-one years ago, there were 561 documented fatalities, but in 2016 there were 849 fall-related fatalities on construction sites.

Personal injury: Distracted driving places lives at risk

Motor vehicle accidents have been occurring on Illinois interstates and roadways since they day they were built. Despite years of learning best practices to maintain safety for everyone involved, accidents that result in personal injury and death continue to occur on a daily basis. Despite laws, flashing lights, signs and education, motor vehicle drivers often place firefighters and other emergency worker lives at risk when they drive distracted near an accident.

One Illinois firefighter explained personal stories of the fear he faces every time he or any of his crew responds to a collision on the interstate. Recently, firemen responded to a fatal crash on the interstate and placed their large red trucks with flashing lights near the crash, in addition to bright orange cones. He explained that despite all the warning signs, drivers were not paying attention, and two of the cones were destroyed by other drivers.

The importance of timely reporting for on the job injuries

Although improvements towards worker and workplace safety continue, employees still suffer serious on the job injuries. Employees injured at work have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. The most important step of a workers’ compensation claim is the initial reporting. Unfortunately, many employees fail to report workplace injuries in a timely manner, leading to a loss of benefits.

Reporting requirement in Illinois

Man suffers personal injury in motorcycle wreck

As the weather warms up, motorcycle riders all over Illinois are promoting May as Motorcycle Awareness Month, which has been occurring for 35 years. Riders hope that their message will encourage other drivers on the road to be watchful and cautious when a bike is in the vicinity because a collision with one can result in serious personal injury or death. One man shared his past year's struggle after suffering serious injuries when a tractor-trailer collided with his bike.

While traveling along the same road, the semitrailer driver made a left turn, not realizing it was in the path of the man's motorcycle. Despite the presence of the man's of safety gear, the bike's small frame was not a match for the larger size of the truck. As a result, he suffered a foot amputation, dislocated wrist, broken hip, rib vertebrae and punctured lung.


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