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Construction workers' accidents: Man dead after fall through roof

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration was formally established by Congress in the 1970s to help promote safe work environments for workers in Illinois and across the country. OHSA may be requested to investigate the safety of work environments by employees or employers, and the federal agency performs mandatory investigations when serious construction workers' accidents occur. Sadly, OHSA is investigating the death of a construction worker in another state.

Workers were in the process of rebuilding a warehouse when the accident occurred. The warehouse was part of a property belonging to a plumbing supply company. The worker was attempting to replace some large four-by-four foot skylights on the roof when he fell through the roof and onto the ground.

Man files personal injury lawsuit against helmet maker

Motorcycle and bicycle riders are likely aware of the dangers that exist on Illinois roadways. Over the years, wearing a helmet is one safety feature that many riders use to protect themselves from injury in the event of an accident. One man has claimed in a personal injury lawsuit that adequate warning was missing on his helmet, which he claims contributed to his injury.

The motorcyclist suffered an unfortunate accident with a pickup truck. Among other problems, he suffered a traumatic brain injury. In addition to $100,000 in medical bills have cost him, he claims that he continues to suffer permanent, disfiguring and painful symptoms.

Workers' compensation: Man suffers injuires after fall from roof

Some work incidents warrant an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA does not have the ability to investigate every work incident that occurs in Illinois and across the United States, but they do prioritize incidents that result in serious injury, inpatient hospitalizations, death, hazards that could result in serious harm or death, and employee complaints of danger on a job site. OSHA recently completed an investigation into an incident that occurred at a theme park in a nearby state, and the company has been fined $142,270. The employee will likely need to file a workers' compensation claim to cover medical expenses related to the accident.

The accident occurred at Cedar Park amusement park. The injured employee was working with two other employees up on the roof of a building. Apparently, the roof had insulating blankets and material that had to be removed. The details have not been released, but somehow, the employee fell through the skylight and was injured. Details of the severity of the man's injuries are unknown.

Did your job expose you to serious illness? Receive compensation

You work around children at a daycare clinic. Many of the children are newborns or toddlers and have not received vaccinations to prevent contagious illnesses. Perhaps you work as a nurse or doctor, and you become exposed to serious illnesses on a daily basis. In either situation, due to your unsafe work environment, you may have the ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits for your expenses.

Most employers in Illinois must carry workers’ compensation insurance, so that if their employees face injury, their insurance can cover expenses. Yet many individuals do not know that if their job exposed them to serious illness, their employer’s insurance also may prove liable to pay for your related expenses. To receive accurate compensation for your injuries, it is important to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney, so that he or she can help provide the best evidence in your quest for reimbursement.

Construction workers' accidents: Worker electorcuted

Some Illinois families of workers in the construction industry may be unaware of the risks their loved ones face on daily basis at work. Unfortunately, there are multiple risks that can cause construction workers' accidents that can result in serious injuries or death for an employee. Sadly, one family is grieving after their loved one suffered an apparent electrocution.

The man was employed as part of the construction team building and equipping a large multi-story apartment building. On the day of his accident, he was performing work on an elevator shaft on the 24th floor of the building. At the time of the report, it was believed that the man may have been electrocuted.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by car in closed lane

Typically, the human is no match for a moving and much larger vehicle. Most people who are struck by a vehicle suffer serious injuries and/or death. The state of Illinois has passed laws encouraging vehicles to slow down in construction zones and to move over when employees are completing a job along the side of a road. Construction workers, tollway maintenance workers, state police and first responders are in danger every time they exit a vehicle and have to complete a job near moving vehicles. Sadly, a worker has become a victim of one of the state's recent construction workers' accidents.

The 61-year-old man was completing work inside a construction zone on an Illinois roadway when the accident occurred. Two lanes of traffic were closed for the work to be completed, but the zoned-off area was no match for a wayward vehicle. The vehicle struck the worker and then came to a stop after striking a work van that was unoccupied.

Personal injury: How can attorneys assist greiving families?

An Illinois family remains in shock this week following the loss of a young family member. The 28-year-old man suffered serious personal injury following a motorcycle accident. Sadly, after extensive medical attempts to save his life, he did not survive.

According to the accident report, the accident involved the man's motorcycle, a pickup truck and a pedestrian. Authorities report that a 60-year-old man who was traveling on foot darted out in front of the pickup truck. The pickup truck driver had no choice but to come to a sudden stop to avoid striking the pedestrian. Unfortunately, the young man was behind the pickup truck on his motorcycle and could not come to a quick stop. 

Personal injury: woman killed in crash at busy intersection

As Illinois cities continue to grow, motor vehicle traffic can increase in particular areas, resulting in some areas in need of improvements. Sadly, one woman suffered a serious personal injury at a busy intersection following a crash. People in the area claim that they have been requesting improvements at the intersection where the woman died due to a history of accidents and fatal crashes; some minor improvements were made this past summer. 

As the 37-year-old woman was traveling to a high school, her tragic accident occurred. Her vehicle was struck by a pickup truck that allegedly ran a red light in the intersection. Sadly, the woman's injuries were serious and she did not survive.

Construction workers' accidents: Worker killed by vehicle

The field of construction poses all sorts of dangers for workers. The tools, the work site and the large machinery can all result in construction workers' accidents. Workers who complete work on the Illinois roadways have additional risks involved in their work. Because most roads remain open to some traffic while work is completed, workers are at risk of being struck by a vehicle at any time. Sadly, a worker in another state has become another victim after being struck by a vehicle that traveled into the construction zone.

The construction work on the particular roadway had been in progress for about two weeks when the accident occurred. The accident is still under investigation, but authorities believe that a 34-year-old driver veered into the construction zone when he was changing lanes. In the process, he struck the 42-year-old victim and the crew's work truck. 


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