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November 2017 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Injuries at large rail project

It is not unusual for large construction projects in Illinois to go over budget and beyond the predicted time frame they should take to complete. Weather, finances, the supply of materials and construction workers' accidents can all delay the completion of a project. A large project in another state has recently been delayed additional time as a result of several injured workers at one of the active work sites.

Workers' compensation: Saftey failures result in employee injury

Industrial safety standards and working conditions have improved tremendously in the last century. Despite the improvements, accidents still occur in Illinois, resulting in injuries and sometimes death to workers. Any medical expenses related to an on-the-job accident are usually covered by employer-provided workers' compensation insurance. One man in a nearby state likely filed a claim for this insurance coverage after suffering a serious foot injury in a work accident.

Personal injury: Couple dies after collision with tractor-trailer

Truck drivers are often stereotyped as aggressive or reckless drivers. Unfortunately, personal injury attorneys are aware of how often those stereotypes may be true. Not all truck drivers are negligent with their driving, but regulations such as limited amount of hours allowed to drive or ignoring traffic laws are often broken by many truckers. One Illinois community is mourning the loss of a married couple following a recent collision involving a tractor-trailer.

7 common fall hazards you could encounter at your office

You spend a good chunk of the day at your office. So, this is an environment you may be incredibly familiar with. However, even very familiar work environments can have their dangers for office workers. So, whether you are just starting with a company or have been there for years, you may want to be on the lookout for potential hazards when at the office.

Personal injury: Garbage truck crash is fatal

People do not usually notice trash trucks unless they have not picked up their trash, or unless they are slowing down traffic. Unfortunately, for one Illinois family, their encounter with a garbage truck was tragic. A crash with a dump truck has left one family planning a funeral and serious personal injury to a young passenger.

Construction workers' accidents: Woman run over by dump truck

Construction projects seem to be booming in Illinois and across the country. With an increase of work, construction workers' accidents are more likely to occur. Due to the nature of a construction site, accidents have an increased chance to result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents for workers. One family in another state is mourning the loss of their loved one after she suffered fatal injuries on the job.


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