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January 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation: Multiple injured in tragic boat explosion

Work accidents can occur in any industry in Illinois, but some industries contain different risks than others. If a work injury occurs and injuries result, medical expenses related to the injury should be covered by workers' compensation insurance benefits. A recent explosion on a tugboat has left many workers in a different state with serious injuries and medical expenses. 

Construction workers' accidents: man dies at construction site

It is not uncommon for Illinois construction sites or projects to contain unstable work environments when work is being completed. Although the instability is often part of the process to achieve the end result, it can often result in serious construction workers' accidents. Sadly, one recent construction accident ended in a tragedy that may be related to his work environment.

Personal injury: 3-car crash results in injuries

Car accidents happen quickly and in an instant, and significant damage can occur. In addition to thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs or replacement, serious personal injury can occur. Medical expenses for injuries can cost victims thousands in treatment as well and can result in financial stress for many. A recent multi-car crash in Illinois resulted in injuries to those involved.

Construction workers' accidents: Man falls from 9th floor

Illinois construction workers often find themselves on work sites and environments that are unstable, loud and dangerous. Despite safety regulations, training and required safety gear, construction workers' accidents continue to occur, often resulting in serious injuries and deaths. One family in another state is questioning if there were enough safety procedures and precautions on a work site in the aftermath of their son's death.


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