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Personal injury: Family awarded $8 million 10 years after crash

There is an enormous amount of decisions to make and bills to pay following any motor-vehicle accident. Once accident-related bills begin to surface, many families become overwhelmed with the inability to cover them. Personal injury attorneys in Illinois are able to assist families through insurance claims and/or lawsuits in civil court. One family was recently awarded compensation for a second time due to misrepresentation in the prior settlement.

Data indicates construction workers' accidents are on the rise

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been fining companies for safety violations in order to send a message to employers and companies to ensure a safe work environment. As well as citations, OSHA has a Focus Four initiative that it has been instituted to train workers and employers about the importance of multiple safety procedures in order to help prevent fatal construction workers' accidents. As an example, an Illinois roofing company has recently been fined $280,000 due to a failure to institute some safety measures to prevent falls on multiple different jobs.

Family hires personal injury attorney for death of loved one

The cost of necessary medical treatment following a car accident can later cripple a family's finances and leave a family in an overwhelmed state of despair. When an injured victim dies as a result of injuries, funeral and burial expenses may compound financial stress already experienced. Some Illinois families in similar circumstances may choose to consult a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit in civil court to help recover lost finances. One family has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit following a family member's death in a multi-car accident.

Accident in construction zone results in personal injury

Construction zones on Illinois roadways can be dangerous for workers and for motor vehicle drivers traveling through them. Many distractions exist on the road and within a vehicle that may result in a driver not taking extra caution in a busy construction zone. Recently, at least three people suffered personal injury after a multi-vehicle accident occurred on U.S. 20 near a construction work site in northwest Illinois.

Construction workers' accidents: worker injured by driver

It is a popular time of the year for construction work to begin again on Illinois roadways as the weather improves and warms up. Some of the work is typically done to repair the roadway after the winter neglect. Sadly, any time road work is completed on an active highway, construction workers' accidents are possible and can be hazardous to the workers. Recently, a worker was seriously injured in the construction zone by a motor vehicle.


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