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Workers' compensation: On duty officer injured in crash

Construction zones on interstates and other roadways continue to be risky for workers. Unfortunately, most roads cannot be completely closed to traffic while construction occurs to protect workers from the risk of an automobile crash and any resulting injures. An example of road construction dangers is the case of an Illinois Interstate Patrol officer who was a recent victim of an unfortunate accident in a construction zone. Now, she may be in need of exploring her own workers' compensation benefits.

Construction workers' accidents: Worker injured in house crash

Including back when large buildings such as pyramids and palaces were being constructed, workers have been asked to perform incredible lifting jobs of heavy stone and materials. A lot has changed over the years with how building occurs, including improved safety and equipment to assist with large projects. Despite improved safety, construction workers' accidents still occur. Illinois readers may be interested in one crew's recent job and the unexpected outcome that occurred.

Personal injury: Mother killed in motorcycle crash

Some people are lucky to rarely ever experience tragic loss, and sadly others may feel they get more than their fair share. One young Illinois athlete sadly has lost his second parent in a fatal vehicle crash. Personal injury attorneys are able to advise the victim's families when such a loss occurs of insurance and/or wrongful death lawsuit claims.

Construction workers' accidents: Big rig hits worker's truck

With most schools on summer breaks, construction work on Illinois roadways is in high gear. Work must be completed on all roadways every year to ensure the safety and functionality for all motorists as they travel. Because most roads remain partially open to some traffic as work is being completed, there is an increased chance for construction workers' accidents. Workers that have been injured on-the-job may be interested in one accident that occurred to a construction crew in a nearby state.

Construction workers' accidents and third-party lawsuits

The employers of construction workers in Illinois may not always inform employees of all their rights. They might not realize that workers compensation benefits are not their only option for financial relief after construction workers' accidents. Even if injured victims file workers' comp claims, they might have grounds to also file civil lawsuits against third parties like manufacturers of defective equipment or negligent employees of other companies.


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