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August 2018 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Worker killed by vehicle

The field of construction poses all sorts of dangers for workers. The tools, the work site and the large machinery can all result in construction workers' accidents. Workers who complete work on the Illinois roadways have additional risks involved in their work. Because most roads remain open to some traffic while work is completed, workers are at risk of being struck by a vehicle at any time. Sadly, a worker in another state has become another victim after being struck by a vehicle that traveled into the construction zone.

Personal injury: Serious accident injures three

People in society are surrounded by other people as they go about their lives. Hundreds of decisions are made by people on a daily basis, and many of those decisions may not affect anyone else. Some decisions, however, can result in serious and unfortunate consequences to others. Common decisions that can cause significant harm to other human beings often involve traffic violations on Illinois roadways. It is believed that a traffic violation and driving under the influence contributed to a recent accident that resulted in serious personal injury to three people.

Workers' compensation: Man dies in grease vat

Getting paid to do a job is a significant benefit for many. When an injury occurs in the process of trying to complete a job, it can hinder the ability to earn an income and pay for daily expenses. Workers' compensation insurance benefits were created to cover the costs of an injury/and or death that occurs at work. Although it is considered a benefit to many, Illinois employees may find it difficult to file a claim for a work injury. Sadly, a man died on the job in another state, and his family may be eligible to file their own claim for death benefits.

Workers' compensation: Officer denied approval for treatment

Employers offer many benefits to employees, including mandated insurance to cover any medical expenses for injuries that occur on the job. The insurance is called workers' compensation. Although it is considered a benefit to employees, it can be difficult to have some necessary medical treatment approved. Illinois residents may be interested in one police officer's year-long battle to have a surgery for a work injury approved through the insurance system. 


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