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Construction workers’ accidents: Man dead after fall through roof

| Oct 16, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration was formally established by Congress in the 1970s to help promote safe work environments for workers in Illinois and across the country. OHSA may be requested to investigate the safety of work environments by employees or employers, and the federal agency performs mandatory investigations when serious construction workers’ accidents occur. Sadly, OHSA is investigating the death of a construction worker in another state.

Workers were in the process of rebuilding a warehouse when the accident occurred. The warehouse was part of a property belonging to a plumbing supply company. The worker was attempting to replace some large four-by-four foot skylights on the roof when he fell through the roof and onto the ground.

The 59-year-old man fell 30 feet to the ground and suffered a serious brain injury. In the process, he also suffered a significant loss of blood. Despite medical attention at a nearby hospital, the man did not survive his injuries. Although the investigation is pending, reports indicate that the roof structure was not stable to support the weight of the man’s body as he replaced the skylights.

Some construction workers’ accidents are complicated and difficult to process the aftermath. Families of deceased victims may find OHSA, local and employer investigations overwhelming to understand. Many families of deceased workers find comfort in the advice of an experienced Illinois attorney. Attorneys can advise families if they are eligible to file a workers’ compensation death benefit claim and also advise if a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court is appropriate.