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Workers’ compensation benefits cover weather-related injuries

| Dec 11, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Every member of the Illinois workforce faces the unique risks of the particular industry, but they all face the hazards of extreme weather conditions. Every year a significant number of workers’ compensation claims follow injuries suffered in severe circumstances such as auto accidents during snowstorms when icy roads change commutes into nightmares. Safety authorities suggest employers should devise and implement severe weather policies in all workplaces.

Illinois could also be affected by other severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds, floods and flash floods. All these could cause not only considerable property damage but also severe injuries or even death. While business must go on, employers must always protect the health and safety of employees.

The National Safety Council emphasizes that workers’ safety should be prioritized instead of profits. The safety policy of each business should include a comprehensive preparedness program to deal with emergencies. Authorities suggest employers should involve employees in the drafting of such policies, and ensure that the plans are flexible enough to allow workers to deal with extreme weather events, which are typically unpredictable.

Illinois workers who are suffering the consequences of work-related accidents that were caused by extreme weather conditions might be eligible for financial assistance. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the navigation of the benefits claims process. Benefits typically provide compensation to cover medical expenses. Furthermore, workers who were unable to return to work for some time will also receive a financial package to make up for a percentage of lost wages.