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Workers’ compensation: Children lose dad in accident

| Dec 20, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Six years ago, three children suffered the tragic loss of their mother. Sadly, they recently suffered the loss of their father in a work accident. Understandably, the family has suffered significant loss and will expect major adjustments as extended family cares for the surviving children. With the help of a skilled attorney, the family is likely eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim for death benefits to help during the transition with the father. Illinois families suffering similar tragedies may also be eligible for the insurance benefits.

The 49-year-old father was a commissioner in another state. In a video accompanied by the article, those who knew the commissioner described him as someone who was not afraid to get his hands dirty or do work that he feared was dangerous for others to complete. Few details are given, but the commissioner was working alongside a construction crew, making an attempt to repair a machine, when something went wrong.

For unknown reasons, two pieces of the machine suddenly collapsed onto the man. He suffered serious injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. An autopsy is being performed on the man, and an investigation into the accident is pending.

The workers’ compensation insurance program is often cumbersome when filing a claim. In the midst of grief, it is certainly understandable for surviving family members to process a claim. A skilled Illinois attorney is knowledgeable and available to help file a claim. The insurance benefits can relieve the financial burden of funeral expenses and the sudden loss of a loved one’s income.