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Workers’ compensation: Mechanic crushed by truck

| Jan 3, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Performing the same job duties on a regular basis could make a worker momentarily forget the dangers of the work at hand. Construction workers, police officers, rescue workers and other professionals may be placed in serious danger on a regular basis in order to perform their job duties. In the event that an accident while performing any job results in serious injuries and/or death, some surviving family members may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. People in Illinois may be interested to learn how one worker tragically lost his life completing a job.

The worker was the chief mechanic for a town’s vehicles, and he had worked for the town for 22 years. Reportedly, a driver alerted the mechanic about some issues with the brakes with a government vehicle. The worker positioned himself under the truck to examine the brakes.

At some point, the vehicle moved when the worker was under the truck. Sadly, the vehicle struck the worker, resulting in serious injuries. Despite emergency medical treatment, he did not survive.

No matter how a loved one dies, sudden death is understandably difficult to process in the aftermath of grief, along with burial expenses and affording life without a loved one’s income. Some surviving family members may be eligible for death benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. Although an insurance claim cannot replace the life of a loved one, it can help with some of the financial burdens that may result, following a death. Illinois attorneys can offer valuable advice and assistance with filing a claim.