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Workers’ compensation: Benefits can help after tragic death

| Feb 20, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

No matter how many safety standards, protocols and policies are in place at an industrial facility, employees will likely face some risks on the job. Whether an injury is minor or severe, most employees may be eligible to file workers’ compensation insurance claims to cover medical expenses for work-related injuries. Because some injuries are fatal, this system also allows for qualified family members to file for death benefits. Illinois workers will be sad to learn that one family and community is grieving the loss of a factory employee after a recent fatal work injury.

According to union representatives for the employees of the General Electric refrigerator factory, the employee had worked for the factory for 24 years. His co-workers report that he was well-liked and always willing to assist other employees with their work. The events that led to the man’s accident have not been reported, but it is known that he became pinned by a large machine on the factory assembly line.

Unfortunately, the man suffered serious injuries, and although he was taken to a hospital for treatment, he died less than 48 hours after the accident. Understandably, his family and members of the community are devastated by the loss. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is actively investigating the accident.

In addition to dealing with the shock of the sudden loss a loved one, many families are also left to sort out funeral costs and other expenses without the deceased party’s contributing income. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits can provide qualifying family members with financial relief to assist with these expenses during the difficult transition. Illinois attorneys who are familiar with the state-managed insurance system can assist a person in navigating the process.