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Workers’ compensation: Furnance malfunction injures workers

| Feb 7, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Two workers recently experienced a shock when a malfunction occurred on a job. In addition to the surprising malfunction of a machine, the workers suffered injuries. Illinois employees may be relieved to learn that most employer’s workers’ compensation insurance benefits will cover medical expenses for similar work injuries.

Reportedly, the two workers had completed maintenance on a natural gas furnace when the incident occurred. It is not certain what events led to the malfunction, but a minor explosion occurred right after workers completed the maintenance. According to company employees, a door on the furnace chamber functioned correctly and prevented additional harm to the employees.

Although two employees were injured in the process, they have been released from medical care. In addition, they were cleared to return to work. As with most workplace accidents, the company, as well as other outside organizations, completed accident investigations. The company hopes to learn from the accident to prevent future employee injuries.

When accidents involving injuries occur on a job site, employees are typically covered by insurance benefits called workers’ compensation. They can file claims to cover medical expenses for job-related injuries and/or missed time at work. Even though the insurance program was initially designed to be a benefit for employees, many find it difficult to file a claim through the state-managed system. Illinois attorneys understand the stress an employee may experience following an injury and can assist with an injury claim with the goal of obtaining all available coverage for accident-related expenses in a timely manner.