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What is an RSI and will workers' comp cover it?

Every day, you go about your job doing the same things. You can do your job with little effort as you have performed the same movements repeatedly for so long, and muscle memory seems to have taken over. Your body and mind know what they have to do, but lately, performing your normal movements and tasks at work have started causing you pain. You may think nothing of it, but you may have a repetitive stress injury, and workers' comp may cover it.

Many often refer to an RSI as an overuse injury. Anyone in Illinois, in any field of employment, can experience this type of injury. What should you do if you think you have an RSI?

Speak up

These injuries can cause a person to experience significant pain. If you do, you may find yourself having to take time off of work. If you do go to work and push through the pain, you may find your productivity is not up to par. You may also end up hurting yourself more. So, if you notice pain you think may be an RSI, speak up right away. You cannot utilize workers' compensation benefits if you never report the problem or fail to say something about it in a timely manner.

Common injuries and their symptoms

A few commonly seen repetitive stress injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, epicondylitis and bursitis -- among many others. RSIs tend to occur in the joints, back, neck, hands or any other soft tissue area. The symptoms often seen with such injuries include:

  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Flexibility issues
  • Swelling

The simple point is, an RSI can affect just about any area of your body. You may not see any physical signs of damage, but you will feel it.

Filing for workers' compensation and what to do if your claim does not receive approval

Filing for workers' compensation is a pretty straightforward process. You report the problem, seek treatment and file all the necessary forms for your workers' comp provider to review. If your provider accepts your request for relief, it will offer it. If your request does not receive approval, you'll receive a denial letter with an explanation as to why. If denied, you have every right to appeal the decision.

Don't go it alone

Workers' comp insurance providers can be extremely picky about approving claims filed for RSIs. You may seek assistance when initially filing, or if you have already filed and your claim failed to receive approval. With the right help, you can take the steps necessary to seek maximum relief.

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