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Construction workers' accidents: Man blindend at work

Some work injuries are easy to recover from, but others may result in permanent disability. Construction workers' accidents can often cause serious and life-long damage because of the dangerous equipment and environment of many construction sites. Injured workers in Illinois may be interested in one man's unfortunate ordeal and permanent injury that he suffered on the job.

Construction workers' accidents: man dies at construction site

It is not uncommon for Illinois construction sites or projects to contain unstable work environments when work is being completed. Although the instability is often part of the process to achieve the end result, it can often result in serious construction workers' accidents. Sadly, one recent construction accident ended in a tragedy that may be related to his work environment.

Construction workers' accidents: Man falls from 9th floor

Illinois construction workers often find themselves on work sites and environments that are unstable, loud and dangerous. Despite safety regulations, training and required safety gear, construction workers' accidents continue to occur, often resulting in serious injuries and deaths. One family in another state is questioning if there were enough safety procedures and precautions on a work site in the aftermath of their son's death.

Construction workers' accidents: Worker killed by fallen pole

Despite safety measures, construction sites in Illinois and across the country are dangerous work environments. The amount of crew required, the large equipment and sometimes unstable locations as areas are developed can result in accidents. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the work site, construction workers' accidents can result in serious and fatal accidents. One worker in another state lost his life while working with a crew to install a light pole.

Construction workers' accidents: Many suffer serious head injury

Safety procedures, policies and equipment are a worker's best friend when on a job site. To remain in compliance with regulatory agencies, most employers must perform regular safety training sessions with employees. Despite increased safety awareness, serious construction workers' accidents still occur in Illinois. Ironically, one serious accident occurred minutes following a safety meeting on a job site.

Construction workers' accidents: Injuries at large rail project

It is not unusual for large construction projects in Illinois to go over budget and beyond the predicted time frame they should take to complete. Weather, finances, the supply of materials and construction workers' accidents can all delay the completion of a project. A large project in another state has recently been delayed additional time as a result of several injured workers at one of the active work sites.

Construction workers' accidents: Woman run over by dump truck

Construction projects seem to be booming in Illinois and across the country. With an increase of work, construction workers' accidents are more likely to occur. Due to the nature of a construction site, accidents have an increased chance to result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents for workers. One family in another state is mourning the loss of their loved one after she suffered fatal injuries on the job.

Construction workers' accidents: Roof collapses on 6 men

Renovations of older homes and buildings occur on a daily basis in Illinois. With the increased work and labor demand, construction workers' accidents are likely to increase. Recently, some workers in another state became trapped in a house under construction, but they survived.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed on pipeline worksite

Construction sites in Illinois and around the world have always involved numerous workers and large pieces of equipment to complete the jobs. With the combination of workers and large equipment, construction workers' accidents are bound to happen. Fortunately, when accidents do occur, workers are eligible for compensation through employer-provided insurance. One family in a nearby state may be applying for insurance benefits after tragically losing their loved one in a work accident.


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