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Personal injury: Truck driver ignored signs, and crash resulted

After a fireman was struck and killed by a drunk driver while assisting another driver along the side of the road, Illinois legislatures passed Scott's Law. The law is also known as the "Move Over" law, and violations of it can result in thousands of dollars in fines and suspended driving privileges. Recently, a semi-truck driver was charged with violating the law after his actions resulted in the personal injury of a construction worker.

Personal injury: Young Illinois man killed while driving tractor

Spring has sprung in Illinois and in most of the country, and people all over are flocking outdoors to thaw out from the brutal winter. Because it is prime weather to plant seeds and plants, farmers tend to be very busy this time of year. Large farms often must use the same roadways as other vehicles to transport equipment and tractors from one farm to another or to places to be repaired; as a result, the occupants of farm vehicles are in jeopardy of serious personal injury when accidents occur just like everyone else. Unfortunately for one young man, his recent trip on a tractor turned into tragedy.

Personal injury: Man killed in head-on collision

It only takes a moment for lives to be tragically altered. When the irresponsibility of one person's actions results in harm and pain to others, that individual may be deemed negligent. When a person is found liable in a civil court, they will be responsible for the monetary damages incurred by their personal injury victims. Sadly, one Illinois family is suffering the tragic consequences of one man's unfortunate decisions to allegedly operate his vehicle intoxicated.

Personal Injury: University of Illinois student killed in crash

Sadly, the human body is often no match for the impact of most motor vehicles. Unfortunately, tragic pedestrian accidents are not uncommon. Depending on the circumstances of each case, personal injury attorneys are able to assist some victims or family members of deceased victims obtain legal recourse. One family and the University of Illinois recently received tragic news about the death of one of its students following a hit-and-run accident.

Personal injury: Family awarded $8 million 10 years after crash

There is an enormous amount of decisions to make and bills to pay following any motor-vehicle accident. Once accident-related bills begin to surface, many families become overwhelmed with the inability to cover them. Personal injury attorneys in Illinois are able to assist families through insurance claims and/or lawsuits in civil court. One family was recently awarded compensation for a second time due to misrepresentation in the prior settlement.

Family hires personal injury attorney for death of loved one

The cost of necessary medical treatment following a car accident can later cripple a family's finances and leave a family in an overwhelmed state of despair. When an injured victim dies as a result of injuries, funeral and burial expenses may compound financial stress already experienced. Some Illinois families in similar circumstances may choose to consult a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit in civil court to help recover lost finances. One family has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit following a family member's death in a multi-car accident.

Accident in construction zone results in personal injury

Construction zones on Illinois roadways can be dangerous for workers and for motor vehicle drivers traveling through them. Many distractions exist on the road and within a vehicle that may result in a driver not taking extra caution in a busy construction zone. Recently, at least three people suffered personal injury after a multi-vehicle accident occurred on U.S. 20 near a construction work site in northwest Illinois.

Victims suffer personal injury in multi-vehicle collision

A minor glance at a phone, passenger, the radio or anything else besides the roadway can result in horrific and tragic results when operating a motor vehicle. A distracted driving accident can also lead to costly medical expenses, loss of income and even unexpected burial expenses for families of deceased victims. Some facing these issues find comfort consulting a personal injury attorney as they process the changes in their lives. Sadly, a multi-vehicle accident in Illinois recently ended in tragedy for two drivers and injured several others.

Personal injury: One dead and officer injured in collision

Anyone traveling any Illinois highway can be involved in an accident at any time. Anytime another driver fails to adhere to simple traffic rules and laws, it can impact other vehicles and their occupants. Sadly, a recent head-on collision resulted in serious personal injury and tragedy for the two drivers involved.

Personal injury: 3-car crash results in injuries

Car accidents happen quickly and in an instant, and significant damage can occur. In addition to thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs or replacement, serious personal injury can occur. Medical expenses for injuries can cost victims thousands in treatment as well and can result in financial stress for many. A recent multi-car crash in Illinois resulted in injuries to those involved.


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