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Report all injuries to validate workers' compensation claims

While construction workers in Illinois face an endless list of safety hazards, it is not uncommon for some injuries never to be reported. Regardless of the reason for keeping quiet about an on-the-job injury, it is never a good idea. Reporting even near misses can benefit the construction company and all its employees. If it involved a previously unrecognized safety hazard, plans could be put in place to mitigate it. Furthermore, only reported injuries are valid for workers' compensation claims.

Workers' compensation: Benefits can help after tragic death

No matter how many safety standards, protocols and policies are in place at an industrial facility, employees will likely face some risks on the job. Whether an injury is minor or severe, most employees may be eligible to file workers' compensation insurance claims to cover medical expenses for work-related injuries. Because some injuries are fatal, this system also allows for qualified family members to file for death benefits. Illinois workers will be sad to learn that one family and community is grieving the loss of a factory employee after a recent fatal work injury.

Workers' compensation death benefits payable to worker's family

In Illinois and all other states, a death that occurs while the decedent is at work is included within the state's compensation laws. Workers' compensation will automatically kick in when the employee dies while performing work duties, and that applies regardless of who is at fault in causing the workplace accident. The compensation law provides for the payments of death benefits to the deceased worker's next of kin.

Workers' compensation: Furnance malfunction injures workers

Two workers recently experienced a shock when a malfunction occurred on a job. In addition to the surprising malfunction of a machine, the workers suffered injuries. Illinois employees may be relieved to learn that most employer's workers' compensation insurance benefits will cover medical expenses for similar work injuries.

Workers' compensation benefits are paid for disabling work injury

There are several different outcomes that can arise after a worker suffers a disabling work injury in Illinois. With respect to future work, the most prevalent outcome for those who suffer a serious injury is to stay out of work under a doctor's care until the doctor releases the individual to go back to work. During the period of disability, the worker collects workers' compensation benefits without regard to who caused the accident.

Workers' compensation: Mechanic crushed by truck

Performing the same job duties on a regular basis could make a worker momentarily forget the dangers of the work at hand. Construction workers, police officers, rescue workers and other professionals may be placed in serious danger on a regular basis in order to perform their job duties. In the event that an accident while performing any job results in serious injuries and/or death, some surviving family members may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. People in Illinois may be interested to learn how one worker tragically lost his life completing a job.

Falls from ladders are covered by workers' compensation

Construction workers in Illinois face an endless list of safety hazards each day that they are on site. Many of the risks can be mitigated by taking precautions and complying with Occupational Safety and Health regulations. Some of the most common on-the-job accidents that lead to workers' compensation benefits claims involve ladders, and safety advisers say construction workers must consider gravity even before they step onto the first rung of a ladder.

Workers' compensation: Children lose dad in accident

Six years ago, three children suffered the tragic loss of their mother. Sadly, they recently suffered the loss of their father in a work accident. Understandably, the family has suffered significant loss and will expect major adjustments as extended family cares for the surviving children. With the help of a skilled attorney, the family is likely eligible to file a workers' compensation claim for death benefits to help during the transition with the father. Illinois families suffering similar tragedies may also be eligible for the insurance benefits.

Workers' compensation benefits cover weather-related injuries

Every member of the Illinois workforce faces the unique risks of the particular industry, but they all face the hazards of extreme weather conditions. Every year a significant number of workers' compensation claims follow injuries suffered in severe circumstances such as auto accidents during snowstorms when icy roads change commutes into nightmares. Safety authorities suggest employers should devise and implement severe weather policies in all workplaces.

Workers' compensation: The safefty of Tesla's factory questioned

Tesla has made a name as a company with innovative technology to change the way motor vehicles operate. Tesla has been under pressure to match demand by consumers, and it's the safety of its work environment under pressure of demands that has been challenged in the last year. Tesla was investigated earlier this year for allegedly under-reporting injuries on the job, and employees continue to accuse the company of an environment that improperly treats and classifies injuries. Unfortunately for Illinois workers, inaccurate documentation of an injury can impact an employee's eligibility for workers' compensation.

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