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Workers' compensation: Scaffolds a threat to workers' safety

Construction workers fulfill an important need in communities and cities all across Illinois. From performing renovations to working on new builds, these workers are essential for growth. Sadly, many construction workers are spending shifts in unsafe working conditions that put them at risk for serious injury and even death. Workers may want to know about one of the biggest threats to their safety and how workers' compensation can help them if they are injured.

Workers' compensation: Woman killed in construction accident

Construction work can be extremely satisfying as well as lucrative. While most construction workers in Illinois may be fairly happy with their jobs, the industry is notoriously dangerous. Not only are injuries relatively common among construction workers, fatal injuries are a real and terrifying possibility. In these situations, surviving family members may be able to obtain death benefits through the workers' compensation system.

Who actually qualifies for workers' compensation benefits?

An on-the-job injury can be absolutely devastating. Whether a person is the primary financial provider or working to pay off a few extra bills, any interruption in income can lead to serious issues. Unfortunately, some Illinois workers may not even realize that their injuries are covered by workers' compensation benefits. Here are a few things that victims of workplace accidents may want to consider.

Workers' compensation for routine injuries

Do you think that workplace injuries are only caused by serious and devastating accidents? This is a common misconception. In reality, many workplace injuries are the result of far less dramatic circumstances. You may have recently been injured at work, but because it was not a serious accident, maybe you did not think you could get workers' compensation. Here are a few common workplace injuries that do not stem from big accidents.

Long shifts raise risk of injury, need for workers' compensation

Working long shifts might be good for a person's paycheck, but bad for one's safety. Unfortunately, not many people realize the negative impact that longer shifts can have on their health and well-being. A recent study examined how long shifts and inadequate training impact the risk of injury among miners, although the information could potentially also be applied toward Illinois workers in other industries who need help securing workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation: Risk of injury increases with long shifts

Depending on the industry, working long shifts is simply a fact of life. However, just because something is normal does not mean that it is safe. Workers who spend longer hours on the job face an increased risk of injury, which can lead to both short and long-term physical and financial problems. Workers' compensation can help injured workers address those issues.

Workers' compensation needed frequently in certain industries

The construction and transportation industries have grown increasingly dangerous over recent years, and the problem does not appear to be getting any better. Injuries and even death among workers are more common, particularly among certain age groups. Workers' compensation plays an important role as Illinois workers continue to suffer serious injuries while on the job.

Report all injuries to validate workers' compensation claims

While construction workers in Illinois face an endless list of safety hazards, it is not uncommon for some injuries never to be reported. Regardless of the reason for keeping quiet about an on-the-job injury, it is never a good idea. Reporting even near misses can benefit the construction company and all its employees. If it involved a previously unrecognized safety hazard, plans could be put in place to mitigate it. Furthermore, only reported injuries are valid for workers' compensation claims.

Workers' compensation: Benefits can help after tragic death

No matter how many safety standards, protocols and policies are in place at an industrial facility, employees will likely face some risks on the job. Whether an injury is minor or severe, most employees may be eligible to file workers' compensation insurance claims to cover medical expenses for work-related injuries. Because some injuries are fatal, this system also allows for qualified family members to file for death benefits. Illinois workers will be sad to learn that one family and community is grieving the loss of a factory employee after a recent fatal work injury.


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