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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Insurance tries to end workers' compensation benefits for years

Workers in Illinois face injuries related to their job duties every year. Some injuries require minor medical attention, but others can result in lifelong disabilities and expensive care. No matter the severity, injured employees are usually covered by their employer-provided workers' compensation insurance benefits. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to file a claim with an insurance company, and some employees find the assistance of an attorney helpful. Over the last 15 years, one man in another state has experienced how insurance companies can complicate workers' compensation claims and benefits when his company made attempts to end his compensation. 

Workers' compensation: Man suffers injuires after fall from roof

Some work incidents warrant an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA does not have the ability to investigate every work incident that occurs in Illinois and across the United States, but they do prioritize incidents that result in serious injury, inpatient hospitalizations, death, hazards that could result in serious harm or death, and employee complaints of danger on a job site. OSHA recently completed an investigation into an incident that occurred at a theme park in a nearby state, and the company has been fined $142,270. The employee will likely need to file a workers' compensation claim to cover medical expenses related to the accident.

Workers' compensation: Man dies in grease vat

Getting paid to do a job is a significant benefit for many. When an injury occurs in the process of trying to complete a job, it can hinder the ability to earn an income and pay for daily expenses. Workers' compensation insurance benefits were created to cover the costs of an injury/and or death that occurs at work. Although it is considered a benefit to many, Illinois employees may find it difficult to file a claim for a work injury. Sadly, a man died on the job in another state, and his family may be eligible to file their own claim for death benefits.

Workers' compensation: Officer denied approval for treatment

Employers offer many benefits to employees, including mandated insurance to cover any medical expenses for injuries that occur on the job. The insurance is called workers' compensation. Although it is considered a benefit to employees, it can be difficult to have some necessary medical treatment approved. Illinois residents may be interested in one police officer's year-long battle to have a surgery for a work injury approved through the insurance system. 

Workers' compensation: On duty officer injured in crash

Construction zones on interstates and other roadways continue to be risky for workers. Unfortunately, most roads cannot be completely closed to traffic while construction occurs to protect workers from the risk of an automobile crash and any resulting injures. An example of road construction dangers is the case of an Illinois Interstate Patrol officer who was a recent victim of an unfortunate accident in a construction zone. Now, she may be in need of exploring her own workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation: Woman suffers fatal injuries on job site

Some accidents are beyond an individual's control. When an accident results in death, surviving family members are left scrambling to make burial plans, financing the burial and caring for minor children. When an accident occurs at work, some families may find some financial assistance through Illinois managed workers' compensation. Sadly, a woman's family in another state may be taking advantage of benefits after she suffered fatal injuries while at work.

Workers' compensation: Man dies at laundry buisness

An unexpected and accidental death in the workplace can traumatize workers. Sadly, a worker's family is more than traumatized, often facing a wide range of emotions as they struggle to cope with their loss. Because of workers' compensation survivors' benefits, many families are able to avoid financial stress because many qualify for these death benefits. Sadly, an Illinois worker recently suffered a fatal work accident.

Workers' compensation death benefits can assist families

When a loved one faithfully reports to work daily for years, it is surely a shock to hear news that he or she will not return home from his or her job. Compounding immense grief, families must process a transition in all aspects without their loved one, including their finances. Workers' compensation death benefits may be able to assist a family through the transition, but filing a claim may be difficult. One Illinois family received the tragic news this past fall that their loved one would not return from his Trollway job after being struck by a vehicle.

Workers' compensation: Multiple injured in tragic boat explosion

Work accidents can occur in any industry in Illinois, but some industries contain different risks than others. If a work injury occurs and injuries result, medical expenses related to the injury should be covered by workers' compensation insurance benefits. A recent explosion on a tugboat has left many workers in a different state with serious injuries and medical expenses. 

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